Sunday, February 03, 2008

Our weekend in Punxsutawney

Nothing says small town like an Elvis marionette...this was at the community center where we also watched "Groundhog Day"

One of the locals...

Punxsutawney has many of these fiber glass groundhogs throughout the town and they're all painted/decorated with different themes.

Gobbler's Knob at 3:17am--these people were all there before us!

They kept us entertained for four hours with music, games and general silliness. Several couples got engaged on stage as well. Here's the first:

this is the second couple:

and the third. All the girls said yes.

No, it wasn't a revival--this is thousands of people doing the YMCA song :) Gotta stay warm somehow!

fireworks at 6:30am

The Inner Circle of the Groundhog Club

And here's Phil being woken up at 7:30am

The president chatting with Phil

The only one happy to hear we're getting six more weeks of winter

Proof that we survived over four hours at Gobbler's Knob :)

Back in town that morning

Our highlight of the morning :) Us and Phil

Don't you just love Chris's hat?? He wanted a picture with some of the Inner Circle guys

the back of Chris's hat :)

This sign was in Du made us laugh a lot

When we left on Sunday, we saw all the trees covered in ice, so we pulled over so I could get some pictures.


SmellyMeli said...

a) in that hat, Chris looks like he's related to Phil.
b) did anybody ask Phil what he thought about being woken up in the middle of winter, let alone in the middle of the night?
c) Jason says re: the Canadian groundhog's demise, "Montreal Molly predicted the longest winter ever."
d) that's a lot of weird people. How weird do you have to be to get engaged on Groundhog Day???

Liz said...

well, the one couple had met there three years prior :)
yes, Chris does look rather groundhoggish in that hat...he loves it! :)
I always thought Phil looked pretty ticked the whole time.

Mom said...

Thanks! It is great to see photos. Were you surprised that we were up to see the event on internet?

Mom said...

The fiberglass groundhogs are wild!

Liz said...

yes! I didn't think anybody would be up that early and much less a time zone away! :) Sorry you didn't see us, though. If we go again, we'll try harder. ;)