Friday, September 28, 2007

Life is rough

The kids are complaining this morning that, as if it weren't bad enough that they have to clean up the trash when the bear gets into the dumpster (which it has done twice this week), the bear leaves piles of poop behind, too. Horror upon horror...Does anybody else have bear poop in their front yard?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In the interest of equal access, BJ's drama team will be here tomorrow night. :-) (Northland's drama team was here at the beginning of the summer.) We're looking forward to having them here.

Elianna's temperature gauge

Last night, Elianna wasn't working on eating her supper very quickly. When we prompted her to start eating, she wrapped her arms around herself and started complaining, "I so cold! I just so cold!" So, to expedite matters, I picked up her fork and started feeding her, to the tune of, "I need to get down. I very, very cold. I need get pants on. I need my light jacket." With my helping her, though, she was soon finished with her food. Noticing that her siblings had ice cream for dessert, she asked if she could have some, too. As she dug into the scoop of ice cream, I asked her, "Elianna, aren't you cold?"

She looked up, uncomprehending. Her exact words, with a hysterical look of utter disbelief, were, "Huh? Cold? I not cold, Mom."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Micah's 5th birthday

I just realized that Micah is wearing the same shirt in these photos as he was the last time I posted pictures of him! He does have more than one shirt...The second photo shows Micah with his present from Grandpa & Grandma. Do you think he liked it? :D

It's raining today, and raining hard. That's unusual for around here, especially as it's been raining since yesterday. Last night, someone said that the rain is supposed to turn into snow tonight. In September! That's one thing we never dealt with in Wisconsin. :)

Fall in the Mountains